Reflections and Resolutions

2014-15 feels like a great place to restart my regular blog posts after a short pause post TheNineMA show. It has been a year of extreme highs and lows. I’ve decided in fact that I would rather live a more polarized existence and appreciate every day rather than plateau on a continuum of non-noticing. I don’t want to miss a thing or lose my sense of purpose and drive. Visualizing and believing will make dreams become actuality. I know that this is true as one of my friends recently commented to me that I had fulfilled all of my five year plan…I had no recollection of the plan (!) but obviously talking about it and being clear on what I wanted to do at that point, led me to a place where I was able to achieve my goals.



Some positives from this year…

  • I brought a house – probably one the best and worst experiences simultaneously of my life #donttrustestateagents
  • finally moved to Oxford – the time back from commuting was like a great big shiny present
  • became a moderator which is just an amazing opportunity in so many ways
  • became much happier at work – a combination of factors, one of which was my own grit when I decided that I didn’t mind, in fact I quite like, being a square peg in a round hole
  • I completed my MA – this is a BIG deal for me and I really feel more than anything that this is a huge achievement and I made the most of every moment of it. It’s not the end but the beginning of some great things to come in 2015.
  • showed my work in Sheffield which was so great and there was such a positive reception to my work – some visitors had even come specifically to see mine!
  • started a new relationship #magic and said goodbye to an old one – but without losing the friendship from those years together.
  • joined a new choir – very much a watch this space for 2015!


Technically, I don’t believe in resolutions but I do believe in aspirations, being your best and being able to make anything happen if you put your mind to it. So in 2015, without retelling my personal practice plan, and whilst staying fluid, I hope to…

  • Sing – a lot
  • Travel – I’m imagining USA adventure 2015 – that will be 10 years since my last visit which seems opportune, funds permitting. But also in the UK, and to see friends and family.
  • Swim – back into the routine from pre-MA countdown
  • Laugh and appreciate each day, truly and without negativity
  • Spend more time in bed – but without missing things:)
  • Make and show work
  • Network and take advantage of Oxford’s great arts opportunities
  • Read fiction
  • Make magic ❤
  • Don’t compromise on quality
  • Smile more – apparently I should ^_^

Leaving it there for now – but just some thoughts for the end and the beginning:)20141225_104111 (1)

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