Encounters with Stories

Studio 2 is turning into a great working space where I have already been able to make many stories. There are two types of work emerging; the first, images of encounters with work, and the second, stories to be encountered. The former is still a dynamic that I find fascinating – in particular where figures encounter something e.g an artwork, together. The sharing of an encounter doesn’t make the experience the same, but establishes a connection between those who encounter in that moment. I think of this like the gathering of listeners at the site of the sharing of a story. Imagine the sharing of an encounter, and the story that comes into being as a result of the encounter, which then becomes a piece of its own, which in turn can be encountered. So making in response to the telling of a story creates another version of the stories’ reality or an alternative truth or line from the ‘original’ encounter. The question for me is what happens beyond these encounters. I have already had some ‘interventions’ with my work but am wondering how to explore this further. Perhaps this will be an exchange of a story after a new encounter with my work resulting in a new drawing or painting. Or an image which stems from the physical encounter with my work. This would require some more focus on the display of my work and how the potential audience could interact with it. Returning once again to the book, ‘bookness’ and the page, there must be some physical touch or movement from the viewer around the work to ‘read’ the pages. A journey from page to page perhaps.

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