Making Day – 6th September

I am now having to think more strategically about how my works sit together. Physically moving works in closer proximity to each other whilst making is informing the way that my work is evolving. I am feeling slightly nervous about the next month as I planned to complete all paintings by the end of September. I also have a deadline of the 19th for my piece to be included in the postcard catalogue for The Nine MA show in November. As I have made the decision to work in acrylic, I have eliminated drying time challenges – however, I am still presented with the same difficulties with developing the work. The coloured ground is certainly better than the white. Pieces seem more finished while still maintaining their partial appearance where I have omitted parts of figure. The process of remaking is also helpful as I am retracing lines I have already made. The main piece I was working on was the second version of one of the white background paintings. The background – inspired by moss covered shoreline – obliterated most of the previous figures. I loosely drew the figure with parts of the second figures limbs but no face. I extracted colours from the ground – turquoise, cream, salmon – to draw with. At one point I got distracted by the surrounding works and started to make habitual white marks which I then obliterated with cream. It lacks definition at the moment but has taken on a submerged appearance which I quite like as it reminds me of the freeness and danger of floating in deep water.


I made a conscious decision to push myself even further with gestural mark making, including working with my hands – gesture gives rise to lines. I feel that this piece needs more contrast but am wary of adding too much as the dark stain (no photo) I added and had to wash away, really through the composition off and looked out of space. If I think about this differently, that the figure can float perhaps, I could possible leave her suspended in air. I also need to let this piece gestate so I can be more objective with my making decisions next time.


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