Curating a Collection

This is the work that I have so far in my latest development of work – some is unfinished but I find it useful to bring the pieces together to consider them as a whole collection. The multiple nature of my work is essential to the idea – a series of pages relating to an inner library of experience. I have found that it can be useful to look at work in series while making, but this can also be distracting, as I begin to make like-for-like marks. I feel that this can make a generic looking painting rather than pieces in their own right. However, the colour palette and vocabulary of marks are important elements in linking, as well as the reappearance of some figures in different picture planes.

So far, for titles I am considering…

Untitled (Trace Dance) #1

Trace Dance #1 (Red)

Red Trace #1 (Trace Dance)

Trace Dance (tear)

It has crossed my mind to have variations on red – e.g crimson, scarlet, maroon but sound like its trying too hard.

#1 indicates series – for purpose of identification this is useful, and display could be played with if numbers are in non-chronological order or some are missing

Acknowledging the colour seems to be good again for identification – don’t want the title to be too long. If the colour is in brackets it logically holds less significance than the series title ‘Trace Dance’.


We had a discussion at the last exhibition meeting about labeling in rooms – I think we agreed that our names for the rooms would be uniform but the work labels would be individual. Jo and I are sharing a space so in addition we need to think about how our labeling choices look in relation to each other and how we are going to divi up the space. Ideas for labels so far…

something literary looking – perhaps font

handwritten – the line

transferred onto the wall

need to think about foam board for labels/statement or whether these should be flat to the wall

also thinking about accompanying books – should these be part of the display? I have clam boxes for loose pages – are these part of the formal exhibition or just assessment.

I think an artist statement – not too long – is important for my work but this didn’t seem to be the view of the cohort…


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