Interim Assessment

first painting exploring diagonals and unfinished – like the block colours and the different levels of intensity and looseness

Sketch start with pink and cream underpainting

Printing ink wash with emulsion and graphite on paper – quite interested in the interaction between background and figure

Monoprint on print wash background to play with randomly placing the figure in space

Charcoal and emulsion drawing exploring obliteration of figure/background taking over

Automatic mark making exercise with emulsion obliteration

Emulsion and graphite drawing from struggle pics on coloured paper

Mark making with white obliteration on coloured paper

Conflict with emulsion and graphite – like the movement and diagonal between the two figures
Work in progress – figures beginning to be obliterated – trying to  limit colour palette. Oil doesn’t stick well on emulsion background – leaves stain – not attractive
Mono print on wash background – works with limited colour palette

Playing with interaction between background and figures – obliterating with layers and background. Not sure if this is finished but I like it unfinished – more ‘open’

Painting experiment with diagonals and shadow. Used more drawing lines and head explosion for incomplete body. Don’t really harsh line on ground.

Just started work in progress layers. First layer shadow of trees at Cliveden. Second – blue block layer. Third – partial figures wiped into wet paint. I will keep layering to make a really complex background then maybe paint in section of figure in a corner.

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