Florence Inspiration

I went to Florence in the Easter holiday and was inspired by the sculptural work, specific in the Uffizi Gallery.  I was particularly enthral led by the Niobe Room…uffizi room 42 della niobe

These are Roman copies of the Hellenistic originals that came to light in 1583 and were then transferred to Florence.
I was fascinated with the diagonal stance of the figures often with their arms outstretched and crouching. Unfortunately I was unable to take any photos that I have in my memory the images of the drapery partially blocking parts of the body, and obscaring from different angles, and dissecting the figure.

Feeling that I was lacking in visual material, this actors and as a springboard to inspire my own photographs using movement and drapery. I’m also mindful of using diagonals within compositions to create a sense of instability and imbalance.

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