Writing Workshop

As I am the only person who has chosen the 50/50 option I thought I would be alone in this seminar, but it turned out that there were 4 of us which was a bit of a treat! I have never partaken in anything like it before and was slightly nervous as I like to take time over writing, redrafting and editing multiple times before sharing anything. Found the process very invigorating and it built my confidence in my ability to write. I have built in lots of time in my time plan to read, write and edit so I need to start fairly promptly using the association mapping and expanding ‘pegs’ to 60 words to build up a body of writing. Also found the idea of handwriting notes, typing them, printing them and making more notes to expand them very accessible and sensible in terms of generating a body of writing to work with. Finally, the Venn diagrams highlighted some of my priorities to me – space, figure, surface – which may not have emerged if I didn’t plan I this way.

Peg 1: 60 Words
Notes on intention and style
Change of voice and Peg 2


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