Figures in Space

I have been playing with encounters – the figure in space in various capacities. Here are some of my photos, drawings and paintings, as well as collagraph preparation. Most images record lines/pathways in space or encounters in galleries/museums. I have included a couple of my life drawings from OVADA as these rest the figure in space. It has been extremely useful practising life drawing again and I have found that my accuracy and drawing of proportion has improved as well as becoming more confident in my combining of materials. It’s been really strange re-entering into drawing in a group and I’m not sure how or if this sits alongside my practice. Hovering between drawing, painting and print, my idea (as mapped in previous blog post) concerns trace, lines, shadows, reflections, habitation of space, play between 2D and 3D, seduction and distraction. The form is important; series, narrative, recognisable figure, framing and inscribed space. I’m hoping to work on another concertina piece as well as experiment with print as this mirrors the printed illustration plates in books. Prints to follow…

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