Manifesto for Collaborative Working

We are exploring a creative challenge working collaboratively, initially for the next 8 weeks to develop dialogue between music and art. The proposal is to make work which directly responds to each other in order to create bodies of work which compliment and link to each other in preparation for a joint event later this year. This will begin with a photograph taken in the next few days.



Manifesto and guidelines

– Musical compositions to be between 1 minute 30 and 3 minutes long

– Must include between 3 and 8 instruments

– Practical work to be two dimensional and drawing/painting based baring in mind new inquiry – stains, spills, threads, traces

– Size is unlimited but ideally should fit in a Ford Focus for easy transportation

– We must be in the presence of each others’ work when making work in ‘response’

– Practical work to be underpinned by photographic visual material to be gathered from today (including last photo shoot)

– Each maker to publish one blog per week for the next 8 weeks to document collaboration process

– Music must be recorded and scored:)

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