imageA new opportunity for The Nine (or configurations of)to create a new exhibition! The potential theme of the exhibition will be bleak, which for me is on the borderline of what I consider to be possible for my concepts and ideas might work.  I was thinking initially about the idea of openness, something empty, instability, perhaps something on the edge. Of course trace can come into play but I see this as more potential rather than a ghost, which is more what I think of when I consider bleakness. This links in to an idea that I’ve been investigating over the last year which is about the relationship between 2-D and 3-D encounters.  Figures within and also research escaping frames.  I imagine the viewpoint might be quite important for this either a figure looming seemingly above the viewer or dwarfed.  I see this as an opportunity to make some new work, and to focus my making with an intention and outcome (by this I mean to exhibit rather than having a final outcome as my work is always series and project based). The ideas I am exploring to do with lines and gestures recorded on the surface both betray presence, but also acknowledge absence of the maker. I’m not sure whether this will be a series of paintings, drawings, or perhaps printmaking, however th starting point will definitely address physical encounter as well as response to the encounter with a space or artwork.

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