Catalogue Postcard

cropIMG_5374 2backPostcard Master

I chose this image for my postcard as it one of the most resolved, rectangular pieces within the Trace Dance series. This is Trace Dance 1.6, acrylic on canvas. I am nervous about it because it goes beyond where some of my other pieces go in terms of gesture. It is the second version – the original is underneath and was part of the white series. I’m not sure if this piece will make the hang but I do know that it is the most resolved of the newer work. I love the colours, soft and fleshy. It has an element of self, an element of fluid, is partial and twisted and hybrid. I hope this is a good choice.

For the back, I have a created a signature which will also go on my mini cards (in production). I have included the statement, stories are troublemakers. storytellers are powerful. This is how my dissertation begins too. I have used a a font which I consider to be storylike. The body text is a harsh cull of my evolving artist statement – I think this is really clear and covers the important ideas. I didn’t want to include too much, just some ideas to begin thinking about the work, I hope the work will speak for itself really:)

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