Thoughts on Collaboration

During Open Studio today we were talking about the collaboration and things we had realised since we began in February.

  • Documenting musical composition is different to visual arts and perhaps unnecessary because of the nature of the process
  • There is a link between visual language, threads and intentions from artist statement, lyrics, colour and sound
  • Rebecca had taken elements of the way that Alexa works, such as refinement and creating multiple works at once rather than working chronologically
  • Parallel working works best
  • Call and response – responding to each other rather than illustrating
  • Rebecca needs to think about ontology – acoustic v. orchestrated
  • Time – collaboration needs nurturing
  • Presentation of paper based works needs consideration
  • Extracting work for pop up exhibitions – how does this sit alongside our collaboration?
  • Allows a wider audience to engage with the visual work/music
  • Do we want a book or zine as one of the outcomes?
  • Is there a relationship between visual and sound waves? – linking with linesopen studio1 open studio2

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