Collaboration Four: Animal

This piece is about shifting, metamorphosis, becoming and undoing form. I wanted to create a creature from shadows, shifting and blurring to indicate a fluid state. This was quick; sketching two overlapping figures from a series of photos, painting the negative space and layering washes of colour onto the surface. The colour inspiration was from listening to Rebecca’s ‘Making Aeroplanes’ – I listened and wrote down the colours I could hear – lime green, a lilac, soft blue-grey, lemon – mixing them and applying them in loose puddles of pigment. The broad swooping lines are intended to indicate a blur or ‘shift’ between states. This piece DIRECTLY responded to the previous work and captured a moment in time. The next piece should show a greater sense of becoming, perhaps using a more fixed form in places. I particularly like the alternative colour palette in this painting, moving away from the pink clouds of earlier work. Note that colours are slightly paler than when encountering this piece in person;)

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