Painting Surfaces & Negative Space

Unknown artist – I love the limited colour palette and figure dissolving or reflecting

Bill Jacklin print – appreciating the mark making obliterating the figures and dark/light contrast

Cristina Troufa – really like the drawingness and partial painting of the figures. There is enough information to construct the surrounding space as the viewer.

Yigal Ozeri – pastoral setting? interesting use of shadow and downward viewpoint.

Edgar Leissings – painting based on metamorphosis – awkward cramped figure folded into diagonal half of composition

Hannah Hoch – abstract composite figure in outdoor setting, quite like the vertical split in the composition

Ikeda Manabu – amazing cluttered drawing, tangles, squashed, breathing

Gorkem Dikel – the foliage is reduced to patches of colour/abstract quality. Some areas have become flat – figures still sculptural.

Julien Spianti – great limited, almost monochrome palette with light used to draw the eye into the bottom corner. Mangled, muddled bodies give instability to the painting – crowding v. space

Jure Zrimsek – like the awkward bent bodies cramped into the corner. Use of unnatural colours makes the image seem distant
Key points to take forward from this visual gathering process are:
Look out for use of positive and negative shapes in work
Think about reducing some elements to flat areas of colour to simplify composition
Experiment with angles and diagonals as well as crumpled and awkward figure positions
Consider limiting the colour palette of paintings or using flat colour in areas rather than layers
One Month Reflection
At this point I have explored these ideas much further. I have been playing with composition and how to use blocks of colour rather than literal descriptions of environment. Not sure how I feel about this at the moment although they seem more painterly rather than illustrative. I have also adopted diagonal compositions in most of my works to date which is helping to reduce detail and play with the sense of balance.

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